The SYCORAX SERIES is a collection of space opera stories set in a universe called the Known Systems. All of the stories are inspired by some of my favorite, classic stories.

The first set of stories, SEED OF SYCORAX, are now available through Amazon (see above) The stories are inspired by Shakespeare's classic play, THE TEMPEST. 

Scheming scientist and warmonger Sycorax has most of the Known Systems entagled in her machinations, endagering peace and properity across the universe. Three beings most closely bound by her plots strive to break free.

Sycorax created Caliban as a prototype for a genetically manufactured soldier. He exists as a failed experiment trying to find his place on an unforgiving world. Member Five is an alien intelligence trapped by Sycorax, another pawn in an intergalactic power play. Member Five strives to escape and free their people without losing their own essence. Claribel is the daughter of the High Regent of Lanopi and destined to lead a world if her compassion doesn’t disqualify her or get her killed. 

Their stories become intertwined due to the intrigues of Sycorax and the revenge plot of an exiled Lanopian senator. They must each find their path and remain true to what they want to become without being torn down by the selfishness, greed and depravity all around them. SEED OF SYCORAX is a harrowing tale demonstrating how hope can thrive in the darkest, most unlikely corners of the universe. 

About the other stories
A second planned collection will be inspired by the story of THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. The third collection will be inspired by Arthurian tales and THE LION KING. These final stories will tie all of the stories together in an epic conclusion as all these characters come together to fight Sycorax.