WIP: Second draft of EOTP 2 done!

Just last week I finished the second draft of EMPIRE OF THE PEAKS BOOK 2, tentatively titled PEAKS FALLING. 

It's now in the hands of seven faithful beta readers who will let me know if the story and characters are working. If the readers confirm what I believe (that the story is nearly ready), then I will hire an editor and get it ready for publication, hopefully in June about a year after PEAK CROSSER.

It is an amazing feeling to have a sequel under my belt. I love the characters of the EOTP world, and it was fun to rejoin them on another adventure. 

On a side note, I have outlined the third book in the series and I plan on starting a draft in June. Also in the words are books 4-7 of THE SYCORAX SERIES. All in all, I plan on publishing 10 books this year -- the PEAK CROSSER sequel, books 1-7 of THE SYCORAX SERIES, and then two paperbacks edition of the THE SYCORAX SERIES (book 1-3, and then books 4-7). It's going to be an awesome year.

Three years after the events of PEAK CROSSER, the story follows Zornan, Calla, Zandia and Crisdan. Dueling rebel factions strive to bring down the Empire. Zornan would like nothing better than to fly free of Imperial political storms, but is pulled in again when his family and friends are threatened. His wife Calla fights her own battle, coming to grips with magical abilities coming to life inside her. Zandia works to protect Zornan's family and struggles to regain her humanity. And Crisdan finds himself deep in the muck of his master's plots, his only light coming from a woman he loves that he knows he shouldn't. 

On a continent across the ocean, Mizcarnon is sent by the Emperor to assess an emerging threat. But the danger approaching Mizcarnon's beloved Empire is greater than anyone imagined. Stranded across an ocean, he must find a way to warn his people of a darkness that will soon reach their shores.