What's Next: My Current Works in Progress

It's a really exciting time for me. My debut novel, the epic fantasy PEAK CROSSER (EMPIRE OF THE PEAKS BOOK 1), will be out on May 26. Having my first novel published and out there is the culmination of a dream I've had since I've ever had dreams. 

But that's not the only bun in the oven. I've got other projects I'm working on, and my plan is to have 3 novels published before fall of 2017. Ambitious? Yes. Doable? Absolutely.

Status: Final steps before publication on May 26
I got the manuscript back from the editor last week and I'm busy incorporating her edits to make a better novel. We also need to finalize design and layout before we go live in May. Did I mention I'm going to be a published novelist come May 26? Not sure if I mentioned that.

SEED OF SYCORAX (space opera that's Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST meets BATTLESTAR GALACTICA)
Status: Gamma draft is complete. Preparing to send to an editor. 
Estimated publication date: Fall 2016

I sent this out to beta readers early this year and got great feedback. This one is close, and I'm currently looking to get time on an editor's calendar to send to him for feedback. I'm also going to begin design work and there will be a crowdfunding campaign likely in June. I'm also planning on publishing this as a 3-part serial and, at least initially, only as an ebook. 

Book 2 of the EMPIRE OF THE PEAKS series
Status: Finished one point of view character alpha draft. Once book 1 is published, I'll finish my first draft.
Estimated publication date: Summer 2017

It feels awesome to be writing my first sequel. Who doesn't love a great sequel? Because it's even more epic in scope than the first book, I'm writing this one a little differently. I've finished the alpha draft of one character. The book will cover the perspectives of five characters as the Empire deals with the aftermath of the revelations from book 1.

My Immortal, a short story
Status: Beta draft is mostly complete
Estimated publication date: No idea. 

I haven't worked on this much since my last update. I will get back to it, but not until after PEAK CROSSER is published. Set in a world much like our own, my main character is a woman psychiatrist and the host of a popular, syndicated self-help TV show. She must come to grips when the orderly word she thought she knew is replaced by a supernatural one where death does not mean what she thinks it does. 

A young adult sci-fi thriller tentatively entitled Moments Before
Status: New rewrite outline complete after deciding to rework the manuscript.
Estimated publication date: No idea

I haven't worked on this at all in months since I outlined my rewrite. Not sure when I'll get back to this one. I'm going to prioritize the EMPIRE OF THE PEAKS BOOK 2 and the sequel to THE SEED OF SYCORAX. The story is about a girl named Holly who moves to Southwestern Kansas and is abducted to a war-torn 2087 where the United States she knows is barely recognizable after years of war, disease and disaster. After being pulled from a life she hates, she wants nothing more than to return to it.

A middle grade fiction tentatively entitled A NEW DIMENSION IN MY BROTHER'S CLOSET
Status: Rough outline complete.
Estimated publication date: No idea

I've had this idea in my head since I was six or seven years old. With two girls who are big readers and love fantastical stories, I have an itch to write this book. But time is always the issue, so not sure when I'll scratch this itch.