Anticipating the 2016 Slate of Superhero Movies

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There are 7 superhero movies coming out in 2016. Will I see all of them? Certainly, but maybe not all in the theater. Here's all seven and my thoughts.

Deadpool (X-Men Universe)
Release Date: Feb. 12
% chance I see it in the theater: 25%
2016 Anticipation ranking: 7
I was never a big Deadpool guy when I read comics. I'm intrigued by the character, but it's not one I'm marking on the calendar. The trailer was very cool and met expectations, but it won't hit my top 3-4 for the year.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (DC Cinematic Universe)
Release Date: March 26
% Chance I See it in the Theater: 100%
2016 Anticipation Ranking: 2
I love both these characters. The first trailer got me jazzed, but the second one has left me confused. I love Zach Snyder's visuals, but I'm still not convinced after MAN OF STEEL that he's a great storyteller. This will either launch an expanded DC Cinematic Universe to go along with their TV Universe, or be the end of it.

Captain America: Civil War (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Release Date: May 6
2016 Anticipation Ranking: 1
% Chance I See it in the Theater: 100%
The trailer has fans buzzing. I've written about what the movie needs to do to fulfill what we want to see. This is either going to be the crown gem of the MCU or the possible slide away from its story-telling and financial peak of THE AVENGERS. 

X-Men Apocalypse (X-Men)
Release Date: May 27
2016 Anticipation Ranking: 3
% Chance I See it in the Theater: 100%
Just a few weeks after Cap, I'll be sitting watching the final installment in a new X-Men trilogy. I was a little nervous about Bryan Singer's return to the franchise, but those concerns were buried under the awesomeness of X-Men:DOFP. Based on the little we've seen so far, it should be awesome.

Suicide Squad (DCCU)
Release Date: August 5
2016 Anticipation Ranking: 5
% Chance I See it in the Theater: 75%
I absolutely love the concept, and it will be very different from other superhero offerings. But I'm nervous about Jared Leto's joker and whether they can weave a tight story around a really cool concept. 

Gambit (X-Men)
Release Date: October 7
2016 Anticipation Ranking: 6
% Chance I See it in the Theater: 50%
This one could be a train reck or a pleasant surprise. When an actor becomes obsessed with playing a character, it makes me nervous. I'm going to wait and see on this one.

Doctor Strange (MCU)
Release Date: November 4
2016 Anticipation Ranking: 4
% Chance I See it in the Theater: 100%
When this movie was first announced, I shrugged. Had I been in charge of the MCU, this concept would not have made my Phase 3 lineup. But supernatural is a different place for the MCU, and once Benedict Cumberbatch got signed on, I was in.