What is PEAK CROSSER really about?

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Whenever you tell someone that you've written a book, the inevitable question follows: What is it about?

On the surface, Peak Crosser (Empire of the Peaks Book 1) is an epic fantasy novel set in an Empire dominated by a massive mountain range. The world contains magic, fantastic creatures, and powerful assassins. The story's main character, Zornan, rides a giant hawk to work. I mean, how cool is that?

Peak Crosser also is about politics. In a world supported by a system of magical indentured servitude, political issues are bubbling which threaten to destroy centuries of peace. This is a story about a man, Zornan, who's caught up in these machinations against his own will.

But what the story is really about is relationships. The story explores Zornan's relationships with his wife, his parents and siblings, his best friends, and with a young woman who becomes part of his life because of the terrible events which entangle him. 

For Zornan's wife Calla, this story is about her relationships with her husband, her parents, and with a man who's trying to convict Zornan of something he didn't do.

So this is how I answer the question: What is your story about? It's about close, human relationships. While the setting is fantastical and it's filled with action and intrigue, I believe most great stories are rooted in human relationships, regardless of the story's genre. Now, I don't know if this is a great story or not -- that's up to readers to decide. But when I set out four years ago to write this, I knew what relationship bells I wanted to ring, and even though the fantastical setting and intense intrigue might catch your attention, I think you'll stay for the interactions between rich characters.

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