What CIVIL WAR Needs to Fulfill Its Promise

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It feel like the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building to the next movie in the series: Captain America: Civil War. The movie is really another Avengers movie with such a big cast, but judging by the trailer, it's still the Captain's story. If you haven't seen the trailer, or haven't scene it enough, here it is again.

I get goosebumps every time I watch it. Steve in conflict with Tony and Natasha, with Bucky and Sam at his side.

Even though I like the trailer, I'm nervous. The Russo Brothers did an excellent job with The Winter Soldier, which might be the best movie in the MCU. But this task is bigger and there's more room for error.

I believe these things must be part of the recipe for the movie to succeed:

  • Even sides. I'm not talking about power; I'm talking about reasonableness. Tony's position opposite Steve cannot be weak. It must be a plausible alternative to Steve's world view. What made Age of Ultron good was that you could see why Tony and Bruce thought making Ultron was a good idea. Arrongant folly? Yes, but not unreasonable. Tony vs. Steve needs to maintain that.
  • Death. I'm not kidding. Killing Quicksilver was bold, but this movie needs something big, the stakes to high. Rhodey? Tony? Steve? A main character is going to die, and it needs to matter. 
  • Switching sides. The teams can't divide in the first act, clean and simple. There must be doubt and conflict throughout. Does Sam begin to lose faith in Cap? Does Natasha start on one side and flip?
  • Set up the next phase. A new Avengers team will rise from these ashes. I'm anxious to see who.

I am extremely excited about this movie, and I think it will be great. The MCU hasn't missed yet, and let's hope this isn't their first misfire.