Batman vs. Superman: Exactly what kind of movie are we getting?

I wrote in July that it was clear that the DC Cinematic Universe was going in a very different direction than the Marvel version, and closer to Christopher Nolan's gritty Batman universe than to the optimism of Iron Man and Captain America. 

After seeing the latest trailer for BvS, I'm not exactly sure what kind of movie we'll be getting. If you haven't, check it out below.

So. Wow. Where do I start?

First, it's clear Supes and the Dark Knight are going to fight for real. How long will they be antagonists before joining forces to defeat whatever Lex Luthor unleashes? I have no idea.

Second, Lex. This is unlike any Lex I've seen in movies or on the page. Audacious, quirky, playful and psychotic. Honestly he felt more like the Joker without make-up than the evil doppelganger of Bruce Wayne. Maybe you needed a lively villain opposite oatmeal Clark and vanilla Bruce, but maybe some of the personality should have been saved for your heroes.

Third, Lex brings Zod back to life? Ok. I prefer new avenues usually, but I'll withhold judgement. And the big baddie looks a little too much like Abomination from The Incredible Hulk. Some rumors have the villain as Darkseid, but that doesn't seem to fit exactly. 

Fourth, the destruction. Many fans were uncomfortable with the amount of destruction surrounding the Kal El-Zod fight in Man of Steel. Doesn't look like Zach Snyder is dialing that down at all for this one.

Fifth, the visuals. It looks like a Snyder movie, and I realize many of the effects might not be done. But it wasn't seamless to me. Batman looked very gritty in one shot, and then like a video game in another. 

Sixth, Wonder Woman. She saves the day? She's the tipping point to beating Lex and saving the day? That I can get behind.

It's just a trailer made by marketers to build excitement. For me, it mostly failed to excite.  Too much worried me to get me jazzed. The movie could be great, mediocre or terrible, and the trailer doesn't change that. But it doesn't make me feel great about the film's chances to break into my list of best superhero movies of all time