What Adam's Working On: April Update

Here is what I've been working on in April and what I'll be working on in May.

Empire of the Peaks. Just like I mentioned in my last update, a lot if happening with this series. REBELS & ASSASSINS will be out soon. And in July I'll be releasing WAYWARD FLIGHT (EMPIRE OF THE PEAKS 2) followed in August by CRUMBLING EMPIRE (EMPIRE OF THE PEAKS 3). I've also finished the first drafts for books 4, 5 and 6. That will conclude the series.

A middle-grade science fiction book. My next project is a middle-grade science fiction book about a girl who lives in a small Minnesota town and finds a portal to another dimension in her little brother's closet. 

A weird west fantasy novel. I've got a story in my head right that that is bursting to get out. So I've been world building a new fantasy series, but  instead of medeival technology, it would be more like the old west. I've built the world and the characters, and I'll probably outline the series sometime this year. It's like a mash-up between Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn with some of my favorite old west stuff like Silverado or True Grit.