I'm excited to show you the cover art for REBELS & ASSASSINS. This is a prequel story to PEAK CROSSER, and is a perfect read for those loved my first novel or it's an excellent entry point for the series. The cover was designed by

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An empire sits at the edge of collapse, and the discovery of a rebel leader could be the spark that ignites a continent in flame.

Lascrill trains Peak Crossers, magically-enhanced men and women who fly across the Empire of the Peaks on giant hawks and bats. He’s done his job well for forty years, and during almost that entire time he’s also been plotting to bring down the Empire he dutifully serves. When his carelessness reveals him, he must warn his friends before all they have worked for is destroyed.

He’s pursued by Crisdan, an Imperial investigator who wants to uncover the rebels and serve justice. Unbeknownst to both of them, Tha’Strukra, a magically-enhanced assassin, also follows Lascrill with the same instructions her master always gives: kill. 

Lascrill wants his freedom. Crisdan wants his suspect. And Tha’Strukra wants her prey. Only one can succeed.

REBELS & ASSASSINS is the catalyst to Adam J. Mangum’s EMPIRE OF THE PEAKS fantasy series that readers are calling original, entertaining, and compelling, with a complex narrative and great characters. Get REBELS & ASSASSINS today and start your adventure in THE EMPIRE OF THE PEAKS.