More EMPIRE OF THE PEAKS is on its way!

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I've got exciting news for fans of my first book, PEAK CROSSER: there's more coming from THE EMPIRE OF THE PEAKS.

As of right now, I should have three more stories from this world coming out before fall. That's right: three more stories.

The first, REBELS & ASSASSINS, is a 16,000-word novelette that's set just before the events in PEAK CROSSER. It follows accused traitor Lascrill and the two people hunting him: an assassin named Tha'Strukra and an Investigator named Crisdan. (All these names will be familiar to readers of the first book.) The best news? As subscribers to my newsletter, you are going to get this story completely free as soon as it's ready to be published! The story will be a great way for folks to get into the world or as a fun prequel for those who've read PEAK CROSSER.

Beyond that story, as I was editing what I thought was the sequel to PEAK CROSSER, I decided, with the help of an editor, to break it into two books. So, two sequels will be coming this summer: WAYWARD FLIGHT and CRUMBLING EMPIRE. 

So, look for news soon about release dates for books 2 and 3 of THE EMPIRE OF THE PEAKS and for more information regarding REBELS & ASSASSINS.