THE SYCORAX SERIES is out there!

As of today, all three books in THE SYCORAX SERIES are available on Amazon. CLARIBEL & CALIBAN, the third and final book in this story arc, is out today. In this third story, all three of the main characters (Caliban, Member Five and Claribel) come together to stop one man's revenge plot from plunging the galaxy into war.

Caliban is a genetically created soldier, a failed prototype. The three books follow him as he struggles to understand his place in the universe. He's been made to kill, but can he be more than that? Better than that? At first, he just wants to please his creator. But over time, he just wants to find friends. But is a purposeful creation like him even capable of what he craves?

Five is an alien intelligence, a member of a race of explorers called the Whole. When Five is trapped by the devious warmongering scientist Sycorax, Five is used as a slave, first by Sycorax and then later by an exiled politician. Five strives to free and protect their people, but they might just lose everything that makes them what they are in the process.

Claribel has been raised to follow her mother as the leader of the planet Lanopi. But as she discovers other philosophies outside of her mother's dogma, her growing compassion might disqualify her to lead her world or get her killed.

Their stories are available as three ebooks (CALIBAN'S WORLD; SEEDS & MASTERS; and CLARIBEL & CALIBAN). In July 2017, the three stories will be combined into one paperback, SEED OF SYCORAX.