What's Next: SYCORAX for pre-order, EOTP 2, and something new

THE SYCORAX SERIES is about to published and can be pre-ordered on Amazon right now! Go check it out with the links below:

I'm really excited about it and I hope readers will love it as much as I do. The series is a space opera set in a fictional universe. Here's the description of the first book, CALIBAN'S WORLD:

What does a prototype soldier do when the next version comes along? Become the better killer. 

Scientist and warmonger Sycorax created Caliban as a prototype genetically manufactured soldier. But his creation was a failure, and his creator has moved on. A new prototype, smarter and stronger than Caliban, threatens to destroy Caliban's predictable world. Caliban becomes friends with his new brother, but in order to ensure his own survival and earn the praise he craves, he may need to kill him. 

Member Five is an alien intelligence trapped by Sycorax, another pawn in an intergalactic power play. Member Five strives to escape and free their people without becoming too human. 

Inspired by Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST, CALIBAN'S WORLD is the first in a new series of space opera books. Buy your copy today and start a new adventure in an exciting new universe.

Here's the rest of the stuff I'm working on.

Empire of the Peaks Book 2
Status: Draft 3.0
Estimated publication date: Fall 2017

I'm on the the third draft of the second book in the Empire of the Peaks series, the sequel to my debut novel, PEAK CROSSER. The book is currently titled PEAKS FALLING, though that is subject to change. I'm incorporating feedback from beta readers and then doing another draft before I send it to my editor. I'm hoping to have it ready for the editor in May. 

Sycorax Series, books 4-5
Status: Outlines complete
Estimated publication date: Spring 2018

The fourth and fifth books of the series will be a divergence from the first three books -- Claribel, Caliban and Member Five, the main characters of books 1-3, are not in books 4 and 5. It tells the story of a teenage girl on a isolated moon who's father works for Sycorax. I've outlined these books and will begin writing them this summer.

Empire of the Peaks Book 3
Status: Outline complete
Estimated publication date: Summer 2018

I've finished the outline for the third book in the series, tentatively titled PEAKS ASCENDING. This will complete the Empire of the Peaks trilogy and mostly finish off the stories of its main characters Zornan, Calla, Mizcarnon, Crisdan, Zandia and Jayzca. I'm planning on changing the end of EOTP2, so this outline is likely to change. I will begin writing this summer.

Strange Lake Book 1
Status: Outline complete
Estimated publication date: TBD

The other day while sitting in a boring meeting, I outlined a new book. Strange Lake Book 1 is a middle grade science fiction book, WRINKLE IN TIME meets DIARY OF A WIMPY KID. It's a story that's been bouncing around in my head for a while. I'll do a first draft this summer. I have no idea when I will publish this; my plan is to try and get it traditionally published because the middle grade market is exceptionally difficult to penetrate through independent publishing. The book is tentatively titled THE EGGPLANT EMPEROR IN MY BROTHER'S CLOSET. 

My Immortal, a short story
Status: Draft 2.0 complete
Estimated publication date: No idea. 

I did a second draft of this story last year and I haven't touched it since, as I've been focusing on the EOTP and THE SYCORAX SERIES. Set in a world much like our own, my main character is a woman psychiatrist and the host of a popular, syndicated self-help TV show. Through potential guests she's hoping to exploit for ratings, she uncovers that death is not what we think it is, and that a supernatural world lays beneath everything she thought she knew.

A young adult sci-fi thriller tentatively entitled Moments Before
Status: New rewrite outline complete after deciding to rework the manuscript.
Estimated publication date: No idea

I believe I'm going to scrap this one. The first version was not good, and I did a new outline, but I don't like that either. Someday I may return to this and maybe write a very different story. As of today, it's firmly in the mental filling cabinet.