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Behold the cover for the second book in THE SYCORAX SERIES, SEEDS AND MASTERS. The picture of young Claribel was created by talented artist Santo Ibarra, and the cover was designed by Megan Hemmert.

Eleven-year-old Claribel is being trained by her mother to take over leadership of their world. But as Claribel learns more of what it means to lead the way her mother does, Claribel's growing compassion may disqualify her or get her killed. And when a man and his young daughter are marooned on Caliban's world, Caliban hopes to find true friends and escape his troubled and violent past.

About Claribel
In SEEDS AND MASTERS (SYCORAX SERIES 2) Claribel is a young girl being groomed to follow her mother as the next leader of her home world. But when a new tutor opens Claribel's eyes to attributes like compassion, Claribel begins to doubt the future her mother has planned. Over the course of books 2 and 3 of THE SYCORAX SERIES, Claribel must find a way to become a different kind of leader without getting herself exiled or killed in the process.

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