From now until March 6, you can participate in the launch of my new science fiction books, THE SYCORAX SERIES, by supporting my Kickstarter campaign. Go check it out!

Support THE SYCORAX SERIES on Kickstarter

Just like I did for PEAK CROSSER, I've decided to launch my next series through a crowdfunding campaign, this time through Kickstarter. So welcome to the world of THE SYCORAX SERIES! 

The SYCORAX SERIES is a collection of space opera stories set in a universe called the Known Systems. All of the stories are inspired by some of my favorite, classic stories. This Kickstarter campaign exists to raise money to pay talented character artist Santo Ibarra, my cover and layout designer Megan Hemmert, and my editor Corwin Zahn. 

The first set of stories, SEED OF SYCORAX, will be released as three books in 2017 -- CALIBAN'S WORLD; SEEDS AND MASTERS; and CLARIBEL AND CALIBAN. The stories are inspired by Shakespeare's classic play, THE TEMPEST.

In CALIBAN'S WORLD, Scientist and warmonger, Sycorax, created Caliban as a prototype for a genetically manufactured soldier. He exists as a failed experiment trying to find his place on an unforgiving world. Member Five is an alien intelligence trapped by Sycorax, another pawn in an intergalactic power play. Member Five strives to escape and free their people without losing their own essence. Both fight against a master they fear, afraid to lose what little they have.

In SEEDS AND MASTERS, 11-year-old Claribel is being trained by her mother to take over leadership of their world. But as Claribel learns more of what it means to lead the way her mother wants her to, Claribel's growing compassion may disqualify her or get her killed. And when a man and his young daughter are marooned on Caliban's world, Caliban hopes to find true friends and escape his troubled and violent past.

In CLARIBEL AND CALIBAN, Claribel has been married out to the king of an allied world, her destiny muted by political exile. But when her wedding party is stranded in a mysterious system, she and her new husband must discover who did this and why before peace is shattered throughout the Known Systems. And Caliban must chose between freeing himself from another cruel master or remaining true to his only friend in the universe. 

Though not part of this campaign, more books are planned for the series. A second planned collection will be inspired by the story of THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. The third collection will be inspired by Arthurian tales and THE LION KING. These final stories will tie all of the stories together in an epic conclusion as all these characters come together to fight Sycorax.

I'm passionate about creating fun, compelling stories. Support this project not only to help bring this world to life, but to help me continue, as an artist, create more worlds and more stories. 

So if this sounds intereting to you, check out my video and more on the Kickstarter page and help bring THE SYCORAX SERIES to ebooks and print this year!