Finishing the EMPIRE OF THE PEAKS Book 2

The first draft of the second book of the Empire of the Peaks series is done. It took 126 days to write it, split over three different working periods between now and last December. It comes in at 150,000 words, which is 40,000 more words than PEAK CROSSER is (thought the first draft of PEAK CROSSER was 130,000). 

So what's next? A short break, and then my Beta editing pass. That will probably take a month or more as a refine the first version, create chapter breaks, and then fix any major problems I find. 

More about this book (tentatively titled PEAKS FALLING): Three years after the events of PEAK CROSSER, the story follows Zornan, Calla, Zandia and Crisdan. Dueling rebel factions strive to bring down the Empire. Zornan would like nothing better than to fly free of Imperial political storms, but is pulled in again when his family and friends are threatened. Calla fights her own battle, coming to grips with magical abilities coming to life inside her. Zandia works to protect Zornan's family and struggles to regain her humanity. Crisdan finds himself deep in the muck of his master's plots, his only light coming from a woman he loves that he knows he shouldn't. All four of them must deal with the ripples of an Empire falling apart. 

I'm not sure when the book will be published -- editing, artwork, more editing, crowdfunding, more editing stand between me and a published book. I'd give a date of September 2017, though I've yet to hit an initial publishing date yet. Independent publishing is hard, especially when one had a day job and a family.

I'm really excited to have book 2 finisheD, and I'll be looking for beta readers in the next few months.